MAY 19 AND 20, 2022

victor-malumian-avatar-cuadrado - Victor Malumian

Victor Malumian

Godot Editions (Argentina)

Co-founder of Ediciones Godot and the Feria de Editores de Argentina.
Co-author of the book ‘Independientes ¿de qué?’.


Paulo Slachevsky

LOM editions (Chile)

Editor, journalist and director of Lom ediciones.
Member of the Association of Publishers of Chile.

show - Stella Magliani-Belkacem

Stella Magliani-Belkacem

La Fabrique (France)

Director of La Fabrique éditions


Sebastian Budgen

Verso Books (United Kingdom)

Editor of Verso Books

rdavis - Roisin Davis

Roisin Davis

Haymarket Books (USA)

Haymarket Books Rights Director.


Ilaria Bussoni

DeriveApprodi (Italy)

Publisher of the publishing house DeriveApprodi.


Marc Garcés

Paper Tiger Editions (Catalan Countries)

Editorial coordinator of Tigre de Paper Edicions, an essay publishing house based in Manresa.

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Emmanuel Rodríguez

dream traffickers (Spain)

Writer and member of the editorial team of Traficantes de Sueños.


Patryk Walaszkowski

Krytyka Polityczna (Poland)

Sociologist, cultural manager and senior editor and secretary of the publishing house Krytyka Polityczna.


Miguel Yoshida

Popular Expression (Brazil)

PhD in Comparative Literature and editor of Expressão Popular in Brazil. Working on building a network of independent publishers in Brazil.


Ole Rauch

Brumaire Verlag (Germany)

Editor of the German edition of Jacobin magazine and director of the publishing house Brumaire Verlag.


Amelia Kraigher

Založba / * cf. (Slovenia)

Editor-in-Chief of Založba / * cf. Awarded the prestigious Vladimir Kralj Prize for editorial work in Slovenia in 2018.

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Amina Darwish

Pluto Press (United Kingdom)

Responsible for the sale of Pluto Press translation rights.

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Laura Huerga

Raig Verd Edicions (Catalan Countries)

Editor and founder of Raig Verd / Rayo Verde, an essay and narrative publishing house based in Barcelona. He has written two short stories for children and co-written the essay book Tu, calla !.


Hedoi Etxarte

Katakrak (Basque Country)

Writer and promoter of the publishing house and bookstore Katakrak.

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Ana Maldonado

Fundarte (Venezuela)

Sociologist and director of the Fondo Editorial Fundarte, a publishing house linked to Caracas City Council.


Jordi Panyella

Pol·len Edicions (Catalan Countries)

Publisher and cooperative member at Pol·len Edicions


Ramon Llull Institute

The Institut Ramon Llull is a public body that promotes the Catalan language and culture. In the foreign field, it promotes the translation of literature and thought written in Catalan, be it narrative, essay, poetry, theater or graphic novel. Publishers can apply for this funding.


French Institute

The French Institute spreads the French language and culture. Abroad, it promotes artistic and cultural exchanges. Encourages translation and mobility of French authors. Publishers can apply for this funding.



Synusia is a non-profit bookstore within the social and cooperative economy of Terrassa. It is committed to new forms of dialogue and intervention in the fabric of the city. To do this, it proposes and generates critical content through the book catalog as well as from the programming and training it offers.


The fox

La Raposa is a feminist bookshop located in Poble Sec in Barcelona. On its shelves are titles on feminism, LGTBI, children’s literature with a gender perspective, etc.